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LED and Microneedling for healthy hair

LED for hair: everything you need to know

Optimised wavelengths of Red and Near-Infrared LED can bring dull skin to life and give you back your glow. It can also re-invigorate lacklustre thinning hair and restore a healthy shine. Our range of hair microneedling rollers combined with our LED mask (yes you can use it on your head), will stimulate regrowth. Your scalp is skin after all!


The hair growth cycle - there are four stages:

  1. The anagen (growth) phase when the hair bulb is active and the blood supply is strong. About 90% of your hair follicles are in the anagen phase and can stay that way for two to eight years. 
  2. The catagen (regression) phase when the blood supply becomes detached from the follicle. 
  3. The telogen (resting) phase when hair no longer grows.
  4. The exogen (shedding) phase when the hair falls out.


Maintaining healthy hair growth

To achieve fuller, healthier hair, and to minimise loss, our goal is to maintain the anagen growth phase and a healthy hair cycle by creating the best possible conditions on your scalp. There are two ways we do this: one is LED therapy, and the other is microneedling combined with a hair growth serum. 


LED as a tool for hair vitality

The precision red 633nm and near-infrared 830nm LED wavelengths used in our LED GLOW Mask increases the blood flow in your scalp. This stimulates your hair follicles and improves their metabolism, encouraging re-growth and minimising hair loss. For those with healthy hair cycles, each time a hair is shed, the follicle is already producing a new one to take its place. LED supports this renewal and strengthens the quality of hair in the growth phase. What’s more, light therapy is proven to relieve stress, a common trigger for thinning hair, so you can think of LED as working double time for the benefit of your hair health.

To strengthen your hair and support healthy re-growth, try using your OLIVIEREWILSON LED GLOW Mask three to five times each week for 10 mins on the hairline and scalp.


Hair Microneedling to encourage stronger hair follicles 

As well as using our LED GLOW Mask, we also offer hair microneedling products. The treatment is used to help strengthen hair follicles and enhance hair growth. Like with skin, the mechanism of action includes kick starting the wound healing process of the scalp. This helps to promote collagen formation, which forms stronger hair follicles. They in turn hold onto hair for longer periods of time, minimising hair loss. It also increases blood supply which can support hair growth by delivering vital nutrients to the scalp.


What to expect from hair microneedling: results

Hair microneedling has been shown to dramatically increase the bioavailability of topical treatments, by increasing their penetration through the skin. [1] This has the potential to make topical treatments such as Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum even more effective and reduce the dosage needed. One study compared the efficacy of Minoxidil treatment with and without microneedling therapy on 100 androgenetic alopecia patients over the course of 12 weeks. [2] 82% of the group using Minoxidil in combination with microneedling reported more than 50% improvement, compared with just 4.5% of the group using Minoxidil alone.  


Combining LED GLOW Mask and hair microneedling

You can do this treatment in the comfort of your own home. First, wash your hair and prepare using our OLIVIEREWILSON Cleanse + treat Tonic. Apply your hair growth serum and micro needle the scalp with our 0.5mm roller covering the hairline down to the temples, and, if needed, covering the scalp to the crown of the head. Following another serum application, anti-inflammatory LED is used to soothe the skin and stimulate oxygen circulation. Avoid washing your hair for 24 to 48 hours following the treatment. 

For optimal results, we recommend bi-weekly treatments. We also advise using a separate derma roller to your face roller to prevent bacteria spreading.

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