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Light therapy benefits and the menopause

Light therapy benefits and the menopause

October 12 2023
Light therapy and the menopause? The discussion surrounding peri-menopause and menopause has gain...
Microneedling - the myths and the facts

Microneedling - the myths and the facts

October 5 2023
When it comes to at-home treatments, what’s fact or fiction when it comes to microneedling? Let’s break it down…
LED and Microneedling for Hair growth

LED and Microneedling for Hair growth

March 6 2023
LED for hair: everything you need to know Optimised wavelengths of Red and Near-Infrared LED can...
LED for acne prone skin

Using LED to Improve Acne-Prone Skin

November 7 2022
Words | Katie Pierce Creating a healthy skincare routine is just as important as a healthy routin...
Rebekah Brown, MPowder talks menopause and Cryo Sticks with Catherine Wilson, OLIVIEREWILSON

Hot Flushes and Cold Therapy. What does the Science tell us?

July 27 2022
Reflections and learnings from menopause community and supplement range founder, Rebekah Brown. W...
LED light therapy can improve sun damaged skin

LED Light Therapy and Sun Damaged Skin

April 5 2022
Did you know that UV rays account for over 80 percent of skin ageing? Now I know the sun can be i...
What is Collagen and Elastin and how do I get more of it?

What is Collagen and Elastin and how do I get more of it?

February 26 2022
If when you hear the word Collagen; bouncy, plump, smooth and firm looking skin comes to mind, yo...
LED Light Therapy and the menopause. OLIVIEREWILSON GLOW mask

LED Light Therapy and the Menopause

January 3 2022
Understanding our bodies, hormones and the changes that occur on either side of the menopause is a challenge
What do we know about ageing skin. Microneedling and LED Light therapy. OliviereWilson. Dermaroller

What Treatments help Ageing Skin?

January 3 2022
Much has been written about ageing skin and the fact we start to lose elasticity and collagen in...
OliviereWilson LED Glow Mask Why chose the benefits

Why choose OLIVIEREWILSON LED Light Therapy?

January 3 2022
A high performance medical grade LED skincare device proven to stimulate collagen and elastin production.
Everything you need to know about microneedling with OLIVIEREWILSON rollers

Everything you need to know about Microneedling

January 2 2022
What is microneedling? You’ll likely have heard of it as there’s barely a skin expert in the worl...
microneedling dermaroller OLIVIEREWILSON face hair body

Why choose OLIVIEREWILSON Microneedling Rollers?

January 1 2022
The worlds of skincare and microneedling can be noisy ones, full of complex products and overwhe...
How to microneedle scalp and hair. MICRONEEDLING HAIR GROWTH Olivierewilson

How to Microneedle your Scalp and Hair

December 21 2021
WHY MICRONEEDLE THE SCALP? Great hair always begins with a healthy scalp. Microneedling is often ...
What is cellulite and how to get rid of it?

Why Microneedling can help the dreaded 'C' word - Cellulite!

March 24 2021
THE DREADED 'C' WORD - CELLULITE! We're all embracing our curves and loving the skin we are in,...
Cryo Ice Sticks - Cold therapy - Cryotherapy skin benefits OLIVIEREWILSON

Why you should Treat your Skin with Cold Therapy

December 16 2020
Everything you need to know about Cryotherapy. You’ll likely have heard of cryotherapy in one for...
Nanogen OLIVIEREWILSON Hair Growth Treatment

Why Microneedling with Hair Growth Serum works

September 25 2020
Microneedling & Hair Growth Factor Serum We've teamed up with Nanogen to bring you a revoluti...
Microneedling for Hair Growth - OLIVIEREWILSON

Why you should try Microneedling for Hair Growth

September 21 2020
Much has been written about microneedling for the face, but less so about the benefits of microne...
Wimbledon Champion 1987 Pat Cash Microneedling OLIVIEREWILSON

Wimbledon Winner, Pat Cash, Microneedles for Skin Health

June 3 2020

Pat Cash keeps his skin healthy using an OLIVIEREWILSON microneedling roller. 

    The Origins of Microneedling. OliviereWilson

    Did you know Microneedling dates back Centuries?

    May 14 2020
    MICRONEEDLING DATES BACK CENTURIES It seems the oldest beauty rituals have withstood time for ver...
    Microneedling the body with olivierewilson dermarollers

    How do I Microneedle my Body for Best Results?

    August 22 2019
    MICRONEEDLING THE BODY  Microneedling is designed to enhance luminosity, revitalise and rejuvena...
    The best way to microneedle your face with OliviereWilson

    What's the Best way to Microneedle your Face?

    August 22 2019
    EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MICRONEEDLING You’ll likely have heard of microneedling, the mi...
    Hyaluronic Acid. Microneedle. OliviereWilson

    The Magic of Hyaluronic Acid - the Moisture Magnet

    August 2 2019
    Everything you need to know about the moisture magnet, Hyaluronic Acid.

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