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Why you should Treat your Skin with Cold Therapy

Cryo Ice Sticks - Cold therapy - Cryotherapy skin benefits OLIVIEREWILSON

Everything you need to know about Cryotherapy.

You’ll likely have heard of cryotherapy in one form or another. The non invasive treatment has been lauded by Dermatologists for years to treat a host of skin conditions. The procedure uses freezing cold devices to supercharge and instantly refresh your skin. Cryotherapy encourages cellular regeneration and stimulates rejuvenation from within.

Used to treat everything from the immune system and sleep patterns to tightening and toning the skin – but how exactly does the procedure work, and what are the benefits for the skin?


What is Cryotherapy?+

Cryotherapy - meaning cold therapy - has evolved into a wellness phenomenon, popular amongst Makeup Artists, Athletes, Beauty Editors and Beauty gurus. The rapid cooling of the skin increases blood flow to the area, bringing nutrients and oxygen to firm up and tone for instant results. The end goal is to lift, sculpt and tighten the skin.

Catherine, founder OLIVIEREWILSON says: “Using cold therapy prior to applying makeup will give the complexion an instant refresh and that just-back-from-a-hike glow! Our Cryo Sticks can be used any time of day or night to de-puff and detoxify and are particularly useful to use around the eyes first thing in the morning.”

What are the benefits of cryotherapy?+

Cryotherapy turns redness down and radiance up. The treatment will detoxify, de-puff and flush lymph when used to massage the face from the centre outwards. They will reduce pore size and inflammation, boost circulation, brighten the complexion and even prevent bruising and ease tension headaches. For an immediate refresh - use pre-makeup around eyes, cheekbones, brow bones and jawline. The treatment will soothe the skin, as well as settle irritation. You can even use them on different parts of your body to achieve comfort and lift.

How quickly will I see results?+

You will see immediate results with Cryotherapy. Your skin will have an instant glow, feel tightened and lifted. The tools are best kept in the fridge or freezer and used on top of a face oil or serum so they glide across the skin.

What cryotherapy devices do olivierewilson use?+

OLIVIEREWILSON’s approach to cryotherapy concentrates on “targeted home use devices.”

Catherine says: “I wanted to create aesthetically beautiful products that will last forever so I crafted the OLIVIEREWILSON tools from medical grade stainless steel with silicone non slip handles. They’re filled with cooling liquid so will stay chilled for hours.”

The OLIVIEREWILSON Cryo Sticks are suitable for all skin types and all occasions. They’ve even been used to ease hay fever symptoms.

Which products can I use alongside cryotherapy?+

You can supercharge your cryotherapy treatment with a serum or face oil. This will amplify product absorption. They can also be used on top of a hydrating sheet mask such as a bio-cellulose hyaluronic acid based mask.

Melanie grant, skin expert loves cryotherapy+

Our skin can really suffer with late nights, lack of sleep and a glass or two of wine, but there are a few tips and tricks that always see me through the festive season and beyond" Melanie Grant



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